A tough game in Toronto, the Sudbury Spartans fell to the GTA All Stars 49-7. The Spartans put up a good effort with some nice interceptions on defense, and another good showing by the back-up QB Adam Rocha, as Hunter Holub was still out. 

The 1st quarter started out on a strong running drive from the GTA All Stars that was cut short when Joshua Girolametto intercepted a pass, in the Spartans endzone. Both teams fought hard defensively causing a struggle to get anything going after that first drive. The defensive efforts from the All Stars and the Spartans managed to stop any good advances that each team produced. Near the end of the 1st, with 56.5 seconds left, things changed when the GTA All Stars started the scoring making it 7-0 ending the quarter.  

Early in the second after a deep kick-off and recovered fumble the All Stars were again in scoring position. They capitalized with a passing play to the end-zone, at 14:15 in the 2nd quarter it was 14-0 for GTA. The All Stars put up 3 more touchdowns before the Spartans could respond. The Spartans responded taking advantage on one of the last plays of the half, Rocha puts the ball in the air for Nicholas Witzke who makes the catch and gets into the end-zone on a 42-yard play. This put the score at half at 35-7 for GTA. 

The Spartans would go on to hold GTA All Stars and only allow them 2 more touchdowns in the second half, despite not scoring any of their own. The final score was 49-7 for the GTA All Stars. 

Putting this loss behind them, the Spartans now look towards their next opponent the Ottawa Sooners to try and rebound from this game as the playoffs are approaching fast. The game against the Sooners will be at home on July 20th as part of a double header with the JV Spartans. The JV team will open at 4:00pm, and the Spartans will follow at 7:00pm.