The JV Spartans have clinched a Home Playoff game after defeating the JV North Bay team over the weekend. With the help of a couple crucial interceptions by Carter Will the Spartans took the game with a score of 21-3. With this win they have swept their Norther Rivals in the Bulldogs, putting them on top in the North.  

North Bay started the scoring in the 1st quarter, with a rouge that put them up 1-0. Not long after Carter Will had an interception that put the Spartans offence in good field position. The offence would take advantage of the interception when Devin Zloty ran the ball across the endzone for a touchdown. The extra point was good leaving the JV Spartans up 7-1. 

After this touchdown both teams displayed strong defensive play and neither team could make it to the endzone, let alone get into field goal range. Near the end of the half, with Michael Reich in for Zloty at quarterback, Reich aired out a long pass to Blake Ramalho who ran the ball in the second touchdown of the game. The extra point was good again, and the score at half was left at 14-1. 

After half both teams again showed strong defensive efforts leading to no scoring until late in the 3rd quarter. Zloty, who was back in the game, made a quick pass to Josh Giroux who took the ball and got it in over the goal-line. With this extra point good as well the score going into the 4th quarter was 21-1.  

The JV Bulldogs put together a strong drive later in the 4th but would be shut down on the goal-line by the Spartan defense. This led to a safety against the Spartans which put the score at 21-3 to end the game. 

With this win, the Spartans have secured a Home Playoff game on July 20th, and they have also secured top seed in the OPFL North Division. They also swept their Northern Rivals to beat them in the battle of the North. The JV Spartans will be in action for their last regular season game on Saturday July 13th at home against Orangeville who are lining up to be one of their possible playoff matchups.