The JV Spartans hosted an OPFL quarter final playoff game against the Orangeville Outlaws on July 20th. In a fairly run heavy game the JV team came out on top beating the Outlaws 41-21. With an outstanding running effort by Josh Giroux, who’s number changed throughout the game as his jersey ripped, the JV Spartans offence rarely faced 4th down situations.  

The game started off a JV fumble off the kickoff, which eventually lead to the Outlaws scoring a point when they were brought to a 4th down. After kicking the ball through the endzone they were up 1-0 with 9:45 left in the 1st quarter. The JV started on their 35-yard line but after a couple runs by Giroux, they were well within scoring distance. After a missed pass attempt by QB Devin Zloty of the JV Spartans, he decided to run the ball in himself, scoring the first touchdown of the game. With 5:06 left in the 1st it was 7-1 for Sudbury. The Outlaws backfield would answer Sudbury’s as #25 Roy Vanderveen and #21 Joey Santarossa brought the ball downfield. After the Outlaws QB Nick Orr passed to #3 Jacob Hosford on a quick slant, Orangeville was now within scoring distance. After a run by Vanderveen the Outlaws were within 3 yards of the goal-line as time ran out in the 1st 

On the first play of the 2nd quarter, Vanderveen took a toss and ran into the endzone, the extra point was off the mark and the score was now 7-7 with 11:34 left in the half. After a very long drive that was set back by penalties the Outlaws stopped the Spartans on a 3rd down attempt, forcing the Spartans to punt with 4:23 left in the game. The JV defence would quickly answer when #37 T.J. Bertrand sacked Orr forcing the Outlaws to punt. Starting on the 45-yard line, Giroux receives the first handoff and that’s all that was needed as he ran through the Orangeville defence and scored. With Cameron Moxam converting the extra point the JV Spartans were up 14-7, with only 1:26 left in the half the Outlaws did not manage to score.  

The Outlaws started the 2nd half with the ball, and on their 1st drive, a pass attempt from Orr was deflected by Brett Bond and caught by Findley Stevens for the interception. Findley Stevens of the Spartans defence brought the ball to within 1st and goal. Then on offence a quick handoff to Giroux brought the score to 21-7 for the JV Spartans. After a good kick off the Outlaws were staring their drive from their own 25-yard line. On their next play Orr aired out a deep pass to Hosford who caught the ball and gained some yards to complete a 40-yard play. After some help from Vanderveen and Santarossa, #27 Aidan Murray forced his way into the endzone for an Outlaws touchdown. They didn’t convert on a 2-point attempt and the score was now 21-15 for the JV Spartans. On the Ensuing Sudbury drive, with great blocking by the offensive line, Giroux would take 5 hand-offs and finish in the endzone. With just under 30 second left in the 3rd quarter, the score was 28-15 for the JV Spartans.  

The Outlaws started the 4th quarter with the ball but struggled to move forward. Shawn Jewell for the JV Spartans intercepted a pass attempt from Orr and put them within 25 yards of the goal-line. After a hard run by Giroux, Alex Fleury would finish the short drive in the endzone. With 8:20 left in the game Sudbury was up 35-15. The Outlaws would answer on their next drive, after a good run and 1st down gain by Orr, Orangeville scored on a deep ball to Hosford who ran the ball into the endzone capping off a 60-yard play. The Outlaws missed the extra point leaving the score at 35-21. The JV Spartans would go on to score another touchdown thanks to Zach Primeau, the extra point was blocked, and the final score was 41-21.  

With this win the JV Spartans will be facing off against the York Lions on Saturday July 27th at 4:00pm. This game will be held here in Sudbury at the James Jerome Field. This game will be an OPFL playoff semi-final to determine who will make it to the playoff finals. This game is sure to be a good battle between the two teams!