The JV Spartans hosted the Clarington Nights over the Canada Day weekend, and came out on top in a score of 36-13 to put their record at 4-2 as they head into their last couple games of the regular season. Clarington, who only brought 24 players, put up a great effort against the JV Spartans with their run focused game that involved their backfield of #54 Peter Vanderbruggen, #52 Jamie Keast, and #34 Logan Chartier. Although Chartier later had to take over the QB position, that didn’t stop him from running the ball. The JV Spartans in the end ultimately came out on top.

Clarington started the scoring in the 1st quarter when Vanderbruggen broke through the JV defence and ran almost 50 yards to the endzone for the touchdown. The extra point was good to leave the score at   7-0 for the Knights with 7:31 left in the 1st.

The very first Spartan drive was shut down quick when they were forced to punt after 3 quick attempts at the 1stdown. The JV defence answered back with a similar performance against the Knights offence. Their punt attempt didn’t go quite according to plan, with a high snap leaving the Spartans with only 20-yards to go for a touchdown. With 3 nice passes, from #7 Devin Zloty, to #20 Blake Ramalho, Sudbury got on the board with the final pass connecting in the endzone. With the extra point good, the score was 7-7 with only 52 seconds left in the 1st.

The next Clarington drive lasted through the 1st quarter, and almost halfway into the 2nd due to both teams drawing the officials penalty markers on what seemed like every second play. This drive however did not make it to the endzone as the Knights turned the ball over on downs when they missed a 4th down attempt. Both teams then showed strong defence, with #25 Lucas Albertini of Clarington stopping a 3rd down attempt in the Spartans backfield. #45 Deon McGregor then did the same for the JV Spartans. Thanks to McGregor’s efforts Sudbury got the ball back and on the ensuing drive, with #6 Michael Reich now behind center, #10 Owen Visentin had a great catch at run that put the ball on the 10-yard line. Following Visentin, #32 Alex Fleury, ran the ball in for a touchdown. This extra point went off the bottom bar and out which put the score at   13-7.

On the JV Spartans kickoff after the TD, the Clarington returner missed the ball which caused them to start on their own 5-yard line. The JV Spartans defence did not allow them to move from that 5-yard line forcing a punt. On a botched punt snap, the JV Spartans scored 2 points off tackling the Knights player in the endzone and with 1:25 left in the half, the score was 15-7. The Knights once again forced a quick punt from Sudbury, and with one last play before half, they lined up for a hail marry play attempt. The play was blocked by #42 Daniel Labelle of the JV Spartans.

On the first play of the second half, Visentin got the ball and ran it down the field, breaking past the Clarington defenders, and scored on a 50-yard run. A deep kick into the endzone then scored Sudbury another point just under 4 minutes unto the 3rd quarter to give the JV Spartans a 23-7 lead.

Later in the 3rd the JV Spartans forced a punt from the Clarington offence. On the return, the ball was stripped by #52 Jamie Keast who easily ran the ball into the Sudbury endzone for the TD. With a missed extra point, the score was now 23-13 with 3:43 left in the 3rd quarter. From here on in the Clarington offence struggled to keep the run game going as it seemed the JV Spartans defence knew where they were going to run.

The Spartans went on to score a pair of touchdowns thanks to Zack Primeau, Visentin, and their offensive line. With one extra point being missed the final score of the game was 36-13.

With a record of 4-2 the JV Spartans look to keep up the pace as they look forward to next weekend where they will be facing off against the North Bay Bulldogs in North Bay.